Wrong charging cable

I have recently purchased Hi10X as a Christmas present.
before warping it noticed that I have got wrong charging cable.

Tried to contacted customer and after sell service for advice and help. I have also send massage to a twitter. Not response so far form any above.
Hopefully this forum may be bit more helpful.

The adapter is the correct one 12v 2A but it has the wrong end. See picture below.
Is there anywhere I could get the correct one or possibly adapter for the end I have.
Or is there any other way I could charge the tablet for time being while waiting for original charger. I would love to give it as a xmas present but not sure if I will without the possibility charge it.

Grateful for any decent suggestion.


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If you need to get another AC charger, these topics may help you.
(However these are unofficial, try at your own risk)

AC charger

USB Powerbank

I hope that you receive good responses from CHUWI.

Thanks for your response EndlessBiginner.
You have made a good point that using anything other then original is on one’s own risk. I think I will try to keep contacting Chuwi customer service and see if I can get original charger.

I was thinking that I have fined great company which will disturb tablet market for thos big overpriced companies but it seems with the silence from Chuwi customer services thouse big companies can keep charging there prices without worries from new competition.

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One month after original purchase and several emails with customer service and it seems that customer service is washing there hands off the problem and trying to pass it onto some else. I am not sure whom to contact any more, just to get original charger.


One of the suggestion I have been advised was to contact Chuwi CEO LiHua Yang.
I may look into it. I don’t think I will get the charger from him but hopefully he will understand that good customer service will go far with great products. So there is place for improvement.

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