Car charger for the CHUWI Hi10 X tablet?


Is there any 12V car charger that could be used with the CHUWI Hi10 X tablet?

When I purchase the CHUWI Hi10 X tablet I took for granted that the charging voltage on the USB C charging inlet would be 5 VDC, but found now out that it really is 12 VDC! This is unfortunate, because my intention was that I would be able to recharge the tablet both in my car and in my sailing yacht. Yes I know that I could use a 12 VDC to 230 VAC inverter, but that is extra equipment and also poor energy efficiency.

Any solution available?

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I’m interested to see if anyone got their Hi10 X charging from something other than the supplied wall charger.

I purchased the Mi Power Bank Pro 3 (does 12v 3a), USB 3 gen 2 cord and can’t get it to charge :frowning:

It seems that it is not enough just to supply 12 VDC to the correct USB C pins on the tablet’s charging inlet. Am not sure, but maybe you should try to use an OTG type of USB cable (between the power bank and the tablet) instead of an ordinary USB C cable?

In an OTG cable the Ground and Sense/ID pins are connected.

Please note that this is just a rough guess and might not work also because of the tablet’s non-standard charging setup.

Found this battery charger on Internet:

Do you think this would work as a car charger also for the Chuwi Hi10 X tablet?

I’m looking too. I work on the road and hate keeping up with dc inverter which is a stupid idea. Lets make 12 volts change it to 120v AC the back to 12 volts. Had a Hi10 and loved charging it on the go.