Chuwi HI13 charger

I’ve read the following notes in a discussion about the standard charger. It says that I shoud buy an usb pd charger and use that in stead of the standard one. If that’s true, what charger should I buy?

'Chuwi Hi13 and Corebook also have a built-in usb-c Pd chip built on a motherboard (EtronEJ898) This is capable of charge control between 5-24 volts and allows high-speed data transfer on the uSB-c port (eg video streaming etc .).
So far this could be very nice.
the problem is that the USB-c connecting cable can not withstand the continuous current of 2-3 Amps. (no gold coating), so it quickly oxidizes, after which the resistance rises. Finally, short cuts in the usb connector. Then the 12Volt voltage, pass through the usb connector, to the data legs. The chip is now burning. The tablet still works for a while but it is warming up and unable to charge the battery.
Finally, other chips will turn up and end.
So if you get it repaired or otherwise, this error will be repeated again when you use the old charger. It is possible for the first battery to charge. That’s why I’ve been recommending to everyone, a USB PD compatible charger. Because the factory charger even pushes the 12 volt power supply, the whole tablet is burning. An intelligent usb pd charger breaks the charger after the charging cable is damaged. Because then, it can not communicate with the usb PD controller chip. This is an essential aspect. If the charging cable is broken, in this case, only a new usb-c to usb charger must be purchase’