Has anyone managed to use powerbank on the Hi10x?

I have a Hi10x and I can’t charge it with the powerbank, I’ve tried several brands and several cables, but none of them worked? Anyone got it and can give me an alternative?

There is no powerbank that gives off 12V without Power Delivery-negotiation, which the Hi10X does not support. To charge the Hi10X you need an adapter that gives off 12V immediately, which is outside of the USB-standard.

There are however converters available that can negotiate up to 12V over USB with a powerbank (if it’s powerful enough of course, not many powerbanks go up to 12V either way) which you can plug in-between a powerbank and the Hi10X.

This topic has a lot more info and product links to get this kind of setup:

go read the threads,
i can happily use GaN charger and PD powerbank for hi10x, just like other PD certified tablets.

Which Hi10X specifically? Because mine (one of the older N4100-models still using the H3-pen) sure doesn’t charge with any PD-rated chargers or powerbanks without 12V-adapters in between.

There are sadly many different Hi10X-models that sometimes really differ in technical capabilities…

of coz i am using the 12V trigger too.

chuwi is half the price of those big brands,
so using a 12V trigger /w PD is acceptable.

i wont directly tell the answer,

the answers are already in the threads in the forum.

one should not be lazy

At least you could copy links to said “the threads”, like I did for the one that helped me the most when I was looking to charge my Hi10x with a powerbank.

To quote from someone I met on the internet: one should not be lazy :wink:

i think one should dig out the thread him/herself.

I use one of these, with a DIY barrel to USB C: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33039713325.html?spm=a2g0o.order_list.order_list_main.42.4b451802Tc1roK

Unfortunately, power banks don’t go up to 12V.

no need DIY,

CHI-NA provide everything.

i bought for 1USD the 5525 to usbc converter

i found using powerdelivery powerbank better than QC powerbank.

for that, just choose one that support 12V 2A or above. since 12x2 = 24W, you likely will get that in 45W or 65W powerbanks, those are for laptop levels.

for cable to connect PD typec powerbank to 5525,
a chinese brand “jorindo” is good but expensive.
3usd for me is expensive… sorry for that.

those could be buy from aliexpress, which i think is the oversea version of “taobao”.

china help you,
unlike americans.

I used QC because I already have a lot of chargers with this technology. I also knew I could buy this kind of adapter, but the size of it plus the barrel is too big. In my adapters, I use several cable lengths.

i found QC sometimes may stop charging itself, but PD always work as usual.

so for ppl who are going to buy new powerbank,

45 or 65W PD powerbanks are suggested.

also, PD is “cable + that 5525 to usbc adapter”,

QC is “a small block + cable”. so PD is more recommended from me.