Compatible Powerbank for Hi10 X?

Hi, I just get the Hi10x and it’s overall really great !

I just wanted to be able to use it on a Powerbank since the internal battery is the only downside of this tablet (for my use).

I just have a problem to find a matching and compatible Powerbank, since this tablet doesn’t seems to be QC Qualcomm nor PowerDelivery protocol compatible, and still require 12V 2A instead of standard 5V.

Is there any simple solution ? (without messing with a TC66/TC66C PD trigger tool that seems complicated, not reliable, and could be dangerous for the device if wrong used…)

Could Chuwi tell us how they achieve their USB-C charging protocol ?
I won’t believe there’s no other way to charge this tablet that with the provided power supply.

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I’ve finally ordered a TC66C (PD Trigger), a PD-60W charger, a PD-60W USB-C cable and a 26800mAh PD-30W PowerBank, and I will give you a feedback if it will really works with the Hi10X…


thanks. it will really help

Hi, i’ve tried a power delivery power bank with an output of 12v/2.5A but it’s not working on this pc.


I’ve finally received all my ordered components and have a working solution with an alternate charger or a powerbank.

Here is my gear:

  • PowerDelivery 60W Wallcharger: AUKEY 60W PD CHARGER LINK


  • 26800mAh 30W PD Powerbank: RAVPOWER 26800 USB-C PD 30W LINK


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It’s not as “Plug’n’Play” as I would have liked… but it’s working pretty well and reliably.

For the wallcharger it’s safe and easy (and after a while you can do it within 30 sec):

  • you have to set the two little switches (Power ON and PD Trigger ON) on the PD Trigger device
  • then plug it in the wall charger…
  • push The button K2 (5x) time to cycle through the main menu until the manual Trigger Menu…
  • then K2 long press to enter the manual trigger menu,
  • then Cycle with K2 through all the Trigger option until “PD 2.0 Trigger”
  • then K1 to select
  • then remove the TC66C Device from the wallcharger and replug it (for a hardware reboot)
  • then you have to Cycle with K2 through the “PD 2.0 Trigger” menu until 12.0V (there’s 5V/9V/12V…)
  • Then you can plug your USB cable and the tablet and it’s working.

The charge works with the tablet on or off… and automatically stop itself when finished exactly the same than with the provided proprietary Chuwi Charger

For the powerbank it’s allmost the same, but you need to have your tablet already plugged in with the USB-C cable before the TC66C hardware reboot, or the powerbank internal security won’t let you force a PD Trigger without a load… that means that you have to cycle through the “PD 2.0 Trigger” menu with a connected device and cycle through the different voltage options with an attached device … so if you accidentally select a higher Voltage than the needed 12.0V you may destroy your tablet… SO BEWARE !!!

For information, the measured charging current (Under 12.0V) is around 1.8A,
so a 30W PD Wall charger should probably work as well…

Cheers :slight_smile:

(PS: a big THANK’s to BIOSHAM for his TC66C advice…)

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Hi, what is the standard of the tablet charger? is it PD 2 or it’s a propretary model?
why a standard PD 2 charger is not working?
thank you

It’s doesn’t support PD 2\3. Just direct 12V charge.

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Hi Pirhana-A,
i would like to thank you for this very helpful post and sharing this solution.

Could you please tell me if i need to do the process with the wall charger to switch the PD Trigger to 12V everytime i want to to charge the Tablet or only once and the trigger will save the setting?

Thank you

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Hi AlwaysR,

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish it was the case, but you’ll sadly have to redo the process every single time (which is a bit annoying), it seems there’s no way so save the last used settings with the default firmware…
I wanted though to investigate with the TC66C technical support if there was a possibility to request such a feature (because the TC66C firmware is updatable, and the device can store some other basic settings, so technically it would be totally feasable)
and this tool developper seems to listen to customers and suggestions… so, who knows…
(I wanted to see if there was a way to get the source file to edit myself the code…)

I’ll keep you informed here if I get anything better.

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Every powerbank that support 18w (or greater, must have 12v output) pd charge is OK. Here is my solution:

Under powersave mode, my Hi10X works in the range of 5w-12w. So 18w powerbank works well for me.

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I have another question:
Are there any buttons to change the voltage of out put out put source or you have to switch manually each charging time?

Hi honamhrm,

There are no switch buttons on the Pinli 12v pd trigger , so 12v is the only voltage.

Juwei P30 pd trigger is another device that I’ve tested. It gives the voltage of 5v/9v/12v/15v/20v. Voltage should be manually selected to 12v once, this voltage will be used automatically the next time.

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P.S. : About 18w powerbank (12v 1.5a). Charging and using Hi10X at the same time can overload the powerbank (which is less than 24w) and damage the powerbank. Therefore, do not use the 18w powerbank to charge your Hi10X during work.

  • You can charge Hi10X using 18w powerbank when Hi10X is turned off.
  • The 18w powerbank can be plugged during work, when Hi10X is full charged.

What do you think about 24W Powerbank for daily using instead of plugging the adapter?

I saw in your pic, the voltage is 12 but the amps ~0.8 either. So the wattage is approximate 10W. Is it still working nicely?

If the Hi10X is fully charged, the Hi10X works in the 5w-12w range (tested in powersave mode). It can get power from an 18w powerbank, rather than its own battery. Howevery, it’s not recommended to use the 18w powerbank without monitoring.

In any case Hi10X doesn’t reach 24w of power. So 24w powerbank works fine.

This is the solution i made in my country:

12V Trigger PD QC 2.0 - 3.0 to DC 5525 + DC to Type C connector + Powerbank Baseus 20000 45W (out put 12V/2.25A).
Everything works perfectly.


Great! Could you tell us where you bought them? Ali? some links?