Compatible Powerbank for Hi10 X?

Got a Baseus 45 Watt from ebay for 20 euro and a TC66 from amazon for 20 euro too, just as Pirhana-A described…work perfectly.
Thank you guys

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Yes on Ali if there aren’t them in your country.

What about using a “Jump Starter” like this? There is an Output 12v 10A.

how much time does it take to charge the hi 10x and any safety measures i should take ?

i always charge it from 20/30 % to 70/80 % around 1 hour or so ( to be honest, i never has taken any safety measures, just plug it in after i setup the tc66 to PD/ 12V)
Sometime i forget it changing for hours and i never noticed any heating issues or so.

Hi Pirhana,

Did you try other type C cable and work fine? is there any specific requirement for the cable, like PD3.0?

I am interested in this Forum and especially this topic because I am on the brink of purchasing the Chuwi Hi 10X, to upgrade from my Cube (DOALLCUBE) 10.1 Tablet PC. I have had good service from it, in constant use over 4 years, but the battery is starting to need lots of nursing and must be on the way out, plus there are a few other issues I am getting impatient with, including what seems to be not quite enough RAM .

Much of the discussion here is somewhat over my head. I would like to know if one or more of my existing Power Banks might compensate for the surprisingly limited battery, which is oddly described otherwise by Chuwi .If I charge my Cube up to 80% to 100% either of these Banks will normally keep it there if it is disconnected from the AC Charger. Is there any reason why they might not do the same with Hi10X?

Yes, your power bank will have to support 12V 2A, and do so without any negotiating (ie. Power delivery (pd) or quick charge handshaking protocols)… Highly unlikely…

The topic in this thread generally revolves around using a ‘trigger device’, to force that 12V negotiation for you, so you can essentially use any powerbank that happens to support 12V (most should, alongside a host of other voltages too).

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I own a Larkbox and I also discovered :

  1. the 12v power supply doesn’t support PD and many Chuwi product since many years need a non stantard and proprietaty 12v power supply.
    We can find spare power supply on AliExpress :slight_smile:

  2. it can be powered by a powerbank. So i made 2 DIY adapters in order to power the Larkbox with a charger or a power bank :

I powered my Larbox during more than half a day with a 10000mAh QC/PD 18W powerbank on the QC or PD output and it works fine :wink:

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I expect there is a simple answer to this. I have seen all the references to needing 12 Volt devices, but I have just printed a Speccy report on my Chuwi 10 LI 10 X which says 8 Volts and BatteryInfo (NirSoft) also shows 100% charge at 8,3 Volts

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I found a simple way, please see if this may be workable?

12V2A powerbank + 12V trigger + 60w PD cable —> chuwi Hi 10x

  1. powerbank use the above baseus 20000mah 45W one. it’s USB port 2
    can give 12V 2.25A.

price: rmb 128
  1. the pinli 12V trigger as advised above.
  1. ugreen 60W cable, since max amp is 3A, so it max out at 20V 3A,
    which should tolerate our 12V2A.

rmb 25.9
it got usb-A/C to usb-c

please see if this combination may work?
these are item with brandnames and ready available, thx

(deleted for simplicity)

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Would this work?? Type-C USB-C PD2.0 PD3.0 to DC Spoof Scam Fast Charge Trigger Polling Detector USB-PD Notebook Power Supply Change Board Module!

I have HI10XR think same input as HI10X

My device come with this charger

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