Compatible Powerbank for Hi10 X?

Got a Baseus 45 Watt from ebay for 20 euro and a TC66 from amazon for 20 euro too, just as Pirhana-A described…work perfectly.
Thank you guys

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Yes on Ali if there aren’t them in your country.

What about using a “Jump Starter” like this? There is an Output 12v 10A.

how much time does it take to charge the hi 10x and any safety measures i should take ?

i always charge it from 20/30 % to 70/80 % around 1 hour or so ( to be honest, i never has taken any safety measures, just plug it in after i setup the tc66 to PD/ 12V)
Sometime i forget it changing for hours and i never noticed any heating issues or so.

Hi Pirhana,

Did you try other type C cable and work fine? is there any specific requirement for the cable, like PD3.0?