[Hi10 x] Charging with a third party Power Delivery charger


I bought a H10x recently.
It has 2 USB C port which one is used to charge the tablet.
Official charger provides 12V / 2A (24W) output.

My point is to replace the official charger by a third party one (outlet charger and/or power bank) more convenient to me.

To do so I bought those 2 articles:

The charger itself provides an USB C Power Delivery output with a capability of 15V / 2A (30W) which should be enough to charge the Hi10 x tablet.

I tried with multiple combination of USB C to USB C cable and above charger.
Unfortunately, none of it had worked.
When I plug the Anker charger to the H10x tablet, whatever the cable I use, it doesn’t charge.

Is the H10x tablet compatible with USB C PD norm?

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If you want to use third party charger you need to connect it via PD trigger or search for another chargers that will be compatible.

Hi @Biosham,

Thanks for helping.
I’m not sure to understand what’s the meaning of:

My Anker charger spécifications states it is is PD compatible.
What’s a Power Delivery trigger?


Something like this
You need to enable PD by force.

Hi, i have the same problem.
i replace the official charger by a third party one and the result is same. it doesnt work for me. do you still have this problem?

Hi @fajaradhy,

As far as I understood, the Hi10 x won’t work out of the box with USB C Power Delivery compliant charger.
It will requires an extra device like the one linked by @Biosham in the post above.



Can someone explain how this device would work? It says it is a tester. Do you just plug in and it just works or do you have to configure it to do the PD trigger (if yes, how)? Thanks.


You need to change voltage by pressing button on the side of it.

Also this trigger is good too

Thanks for the info. I think I have a better understanding on how that works now, but I think they seem too filmsy to be usable on a day to day basis. Do you think someone will come out with a more sturdy packaging or maybe even embed this function into the PD charger itself? Thanks.

I think that such triggers have reached their limit in shape and convenience. And to integrate such a function into a power bank is too dangerous since people can accidentally apply the wrong voltage.