Replacement/Additional Charger?


The Hi10 X apparently won’t charge directly off of a standard USB-C charger port. It requires the bulky 45W charger. Is there any way to get it to charge from the same USB-C that will charge a Macbook Pro or a standard USB-C multiport charger?


yes i have the same problem. I doesnt even charge with my 60w PD Charger.
Maybe anyone can help?

You need to force trigger 12V with this tool or similar.

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Can i do this without such tool?
I mean the tablet is great, but if the tablet cant be charged by normal pd charger is kinda bummer

The description does not say that the tablet supports PD, most likely it can not be charged with ordinary charges.

Yeah i know its just my expectation. Is there any way with this without use such tool? Maybe in bios or anyelse?

PD triggers by hardware+software, probably hardware part not provided and there is no way to charge with PD.

Works for me.

(I also use this 65w charger on my thinkpad and mobile phone)

You can use a simple $2 QC 2.0 phone charger with TC66/TC66C Type-C PD trigger. Set it to QC 2.0, 12V, voila.