Hi10 X, Pro and Air: Powered by/over: MicroUSB, USB-C, ...?

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how are Hi10 X, Pro and Air powered by: 5V/2A Micro USB, USB-C with PD or any nonsense connector only you could deliver?

Asking because our last vendor told us they support standard USB-C charging, but delivered sth. special, that we could not even replace without asking their support for one pice of, with a delivery time of about 3 weeks for one, just as one example.

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  • Hi10X - 12V/2A.
  • Hi10Air/Pro - 5V/3A

With PD trigger, they may be charged by USB charger. But it’s convenient to use AC adapter like BENSN ND-A065W1503900… or craft with

  1. DC to USB type-C (straight) cable

  2. two DC sockets

  3. AC adapter

    The price is not much different from BENSN adapter…

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So thats untested, right?

And as you mention an AC/DC adapter, box brings an AC/DC adapter like the one in picture #3 with it?

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I have not tested charging with USB charger.

Regarding Hi10X, 2 topics are there. See them…

Most PD2.0 chargers don’t supply 12V therefore we hesitate to use them.

Regarding Hi10Air/Pro, 5V is available from all USB charger so USB trigger seems to work. Be careful that we must use USB type-C connector on both side (because type-A’s absolute max. current is 1.25A. Hi10Air/Pro requires 3A.)

Charger of all three models has only USB type-C connector:

(this picture is the charger of Hi10Pro)

Thanks for your followup.

Is the plug hardwired?

If not we could easily buy a longer USB-C/USB-C cable. In our scenario there is a distance of about >2m, and most wall charger that come with tablets came with an hardwired cable, that we needed to extend.

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Yes, USB type-C plug is hardwired to the AC adapter.

I think that over 2m long USB cable cannot convey data/power between devices because of its impedance (degradation of signal wave, power loss caused by cable resistance). Even if the long cable is used to deliver only power, PC may not be charged. It’s good to extend AC cable instead of USB cable.


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My Chuwi Hi10 Air came with a 5V, 2A adapter and a USB-A → USB-C cable. If the device needs 3A that would explain why I can’t keep it running indefinitely off the power supply (the battery just discharges a little less quickly). Indeed, when I boot the tablet under ChromeOS I get a warning that a low-power charger is being used (funny that MSWin does not show the same warning!)

I tried to use a 78W Samsung phone charger (with the original cable) that can deliver either 5V or 12V but didn’t notice any difference in charging behaviour.

Any suggestions for what replacement one might use?
How about this one: https://tinyurl.com/ydtekxac ?

because type-A’s absolute max. current is 1.25A.

That would apply to USB-A ports provided by hosts for more than just charging - when used in a PSU it could support any amperage, no?!