Replacement charging cable

Hi, I have recently purchased the H10X and am so far very pleased with it.
So pleased, that I made a case for it!

I understand that the supplied charging cable is the only one that works.
Is it possible to purchase a spare “just in case”?

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Hello Susanna, welcome to the forum. Your tablet case is very original, I like it.
As for the charger, you can get one that will be worth it in online stores such as Amazon or Ali Express by looking at the characteristics that are printed on the original charger and that have the same charging port.
Quallcomm QC Quick Chargers are not valid. If you put a picture of the charger and its cable I can help you find one.
You can also get one by writing to

Thankyou for your compliment!
This is the charger I received:,scm-url:1007.14976.165517.0,pvid:52e2b8de-3aaa-4cc7-84e4-442711f11915,tpp_buckets:668%230%23131923%2317_668%23808%235965%23332_668%23888%233325%238_4976%230%23165517%2342_4976%232711%237538%2390_668%232846%238116%23992_668%232717%237559%2365

Again, Thankyou for your help!

You’re welcome, it’s a pleasure to be useful

I received a spare cable from Chuwi customer service free of charge!
They were very helpful.

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I have similar situation, but my charger just stoped working so i don’t know should I buy it directly from amazon or should I contact costumer service

I’m not sure Amazon sell them.
They need to supply 12v, most do only 5v.
I’d try Chuwi customer service, it took a while to arrive, but it is a proper EU certified charger.

Hi, I’m going to buy the HI10 X later this week, and I am also worried about the 1 charger being the only one to be able to charge the device. Should I contact Customer Support and check to see if I can get hold of another spare for security purposes? I’d hate to lose the charger and not be able to use the device!

Also Susanna, if you’re still looking at this thread, the case is rad!

Edit: I’d also like to ask where I can grab a few spare stylus pens for this device also! Thanks!

Yes, try Chuwi customer services, I emailed them and they were very helpful.
Sent me a spare charger free of charge. Sent from Spain and properly EU certified.
Can’t help with stylus, I’m afraid, but customer services may be able to help there, too
Thanks for the lovely comment about the case!

31$ to send me another charging cable. I’m from Italy.
It is not cheap.