Cannot boot from USB

Hi, after buying CoreBox I first installed Ubuntu (with bootable USB stick), after that decided to install Windows 10 Business edition. I created a bootable USB from Windows 10 Pro ISO image, using the same USB stick I used for Ubuntu image earlier (8 GB). Now I cannot force CoreBox X to boot from it.

  • ISO image was burned using Rufus, I tried both MBR+NTFS and GPT+FAT32 partition schemes.
  • I tested this USB with a my 7 yr. old Thinkpad laptop - it boots fine
  • I enabled in BIOS of CoreBox all options related to USB. In BIOS screen, the USB stick is recognized and can be set as the first boot option.

It shows error "Could not resolve symbol [_PR.PROO._CPC]. Below is error screen after booting attempt. Can anyone help?

The errors in the picture are actually benign. I get the same errors on my custom built gaming PC. However, it sounds like you’re having trouble with UEFI boot. I’ve never personally had good luck with Rufus and always use Etcher to flash USB live CDs. I would also ensure that secure boot options have been enabled.

Thanks! I’ll try that.