Good afternoon, I have a CoreBox bought almost a year ago, it is Intel Core i5 with 16 GB RAM and 512 SSD, I have two situations:

  1. I just reinstalled windows 10, but I have the problem that the video driver is 100% or it is Intel(R) Iris(R) Plus Graphics 655 according to windows, but the sharpness that it should have is not visible and The drivers that they sent me when I formatted for the first time, even if they are installed, do not make any changes in terms of resolution.

  2. I want to make an image of my hard disk but when trying to boot from the USB memory with Windows PE it does not boot and it goes directly to Windows, I already made the LEGACY or UEFI memory, the result is the same, the WPE I have used are Segerei Strelec & Hirens BootCD

Can you help me please


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Hi Vico

As for your first question i can not help you much.
What is the resolution set to when you say it’s not sharp, and what choices of resolutions do you have?

For your second question, I recently needed to expand the SSD in my old laptop and found a program called macrium reflect that made a clone of my old SSD onto the new one. No need to boot from anything else, it will do it even if booted from the drive itself.
It is free to get as a private person and so far it’s all working.

And i just read you wanted to make an image. For that i would probably use linux myself.
Easy to boot from usbkey. I don’t know the commands to make an image but easy to find online.


Hello Patrik, first of all thank you very much for answering

The resolution it has is 1360x768 when I recently bought the equipment I didn’t like the resolution it had at that time so I decided to reinstall windows at that time the only problem I had was the audio but the resolution issue was improved, not much now More than 7 months after acquiring the equipment, I reinstalled Windows since I felt that something was not going well, but with the 22H2 version that was updated, I installed the driver in question.

In the second point I have already heard about macrium reflect, but being from the old school hahaha, I have been using Ghost to clone disks and system images, which you should try if it has not worked, it is wonderful, the problem It is that to raise the ghost it comes within Live versions of Windows and in the two that I mentioned, I cannot make it boot either in Legacy or UEFI, if you know how to do it or someone else, I will greatly appreciate the support


Clarifying what I really want is for it to look sharp since I feel that it looks somewhat blurry to call it somehow, with the resolution that I mention, since I can still upload 1920x1080 but the monitor looks really small and in the same way it looks somewhat blurry

if you’re experiencing issues with display sharpness or resolution after reinstalling Windows 10, try updating your video driver, adjusting resolution settings manually or adjusting your monitor’s settings directly.

Thanks for answering, I’ve already done it, but Windows tells me that the driver is updated to the latest version available, as well as I’ve tried to adjust the resolution but it still looks the same, there isn’t 100% sharpness as it was before to format the equipment

Windows Update sometimes doesn’t have the latest version of your driver, or driver at all, in this case you should check support pages of your laptop or graphics manufacturer for the newest driver.
I had similar problem, but with sound card and unfortunately there was no drivers on manufacturer web site.
To solve this, I found one great program (PC HelpSoft Driver Updater) and installed the latest driver for my sound card and it is working ok. It also has the option to update all the drivers, which I did for myself and the laptop is now working much more quicker.