Corebox X not recognizing its own nvme

Hello. We used the corebox x as office pc, it was working fine with its win 10 instalation. . Now i brought it home to use as media center. I took out the 256gb nvme which is inside, put in in my skylake nuc which have with perfectly working windows 7 system, erased the corebox nvme and after that cloned the win7 system from nuc on it. The cloned corebox nvme working normaly on the nuc,showing it in bios and boots win7 right a away. Ok everything good i thout. So i put the cloned nvme with win7 back into the corebox x, nvme/win7 not booting, nvme not showing in bios. LOL. I thought that nvme died, so to check i put it back in the nuc again and its working perfectly. Then again i mounted it back in the corebox x, and again not booting or showing in the bios. Im furious, i cant see what would be the problem, as the nvme is from the corebox itself. Funny thing is that it doesnt even show the nvme drive in the bios. Can you help me how to fix the problem.

SATA protocol supported by SSD

Finaly got it sorted, some csm shit in the bios. Very heavy and complicated bios i must say. Now i have another problem, how to setup custom fan speed its driving me crazy. In the office i didnt notice it because was loud enviroment, at home it is very very loud, at low 50-60c temperature spins like turbo rocket. Tried various settings in the bios no luck. Please help.