New Bios request for Corebook X (bug M2 external slot NVMe at boot)

this BIOS has many bugs and this laptop cant boot if Sata M2 (original) and NVMe M2 are both in the slot. Store Chuwi and Service give no answers about this. I have write a lot of mail to Chuwi store and Chuwi service Im disappointed from this silent.
I have doing open at my risk this lapbook for test some sata and nvme M2 card and have verify that issue are only at first boot if I connect hot plug during boot M2 NVMe in external slot all work great

What model do you have? Because the i5 version of the corebook X have m2.sata connectivity. Not the nvme one.

where did you read this information? In bios are found setup for nvme and also I have tested both M2 in external slot M2 Sata 3 and NVMe with same bug won’t boot. I think Chuwi have to create info about this model and not generic useless little info I have installed in NVMe three SO without problem the only issue is with SATA enable active don’t boot.

It’s written on the technical spec on the minisite of the product.

Honestly saying, the term “SSD (Solid State Drive)” is vague. It may be non-volatile memory with SATA I/F for someone, NVMe (non-volatile memory with PCIe I/F) for another, USB memory, micro SD, … and so on for the others.

I want manufacturers to stop using ambiguous expressions in specification descriptions…

this isn’t technical info but useless info


It’s the only info you have. Not all the options you have on a bios are really available.It depends on the hardware, obviously.
But it seems that you had installed an NVMe, so maybe you found a compatibility that chuwi never declared. Or that was voluntarly omitted because it was bugged.

No the problem exist with both NVMe and Sata M2, for you is normal the specification that you have found about type or compatibility M2 CARD?
In web page and in slot of Corebook only generic M2 2280… This is normal for you?
Also is normal in support we found nothing?
Not even a simple file?
Everything that doesn’t exist or not supported must be removed from bios!
We need to talk about the manual?
Who refund me money and time for test?
I have purchased two type of M2 sata and two type of M2 NVMe also have open this lapbook for remove original M2 sata 3 for test


We lack of support and info. This is clear.
For what it concern the bios you’re right. It should be customized. But this is not the first, nor the last time that i’ve seen not customized bios.
But you get what you pay.

Obviously i’m not defending chuwi. I agree with you for almost everything. But i’m also willing to spend my time to understand, find the necessary solutions and share them with those who, like me, have bought the same product.

Have you been able to get the external slot to work? Cheers

No external slot only work if sata (internal slot) was disable.
For now I disable sata for use external nvme 512gb card


Actually you can use both NVMe in external and a sata internal but it is not stable. I tried replacing the internal drive withe NVMe with no luck even after disabling sata. However NVMe works perfectly in external upgrade slot. WD-black SN760 works fine. It also works alongside sata to allow you to clone internal sata to nvme. But I noticed that windows starts ghosting drives if you run both side by side. So i left 1tb NVMe in external drive and removed internal sata now its stable with a read and write speed of 1800mbs compared to 490mps on original drive. note sure why i cant get higher though as my NVME is rated to 3600mbs.

internal is NVMe only



Can you upload a photo of how is the connection (interface) that this disk uses please? Is it compatible with a Nvme PCIe 3.0 x 4 ssd disk? (PCI express) or only Sata 3.0?