CoreBook X storage m2 not found

Hi. Who has encountered. I put a bigger m2 disk and my laptop doesn’t see it. What drivers to install? already regretted that I bought this “laptop” one problem ))))


Which is the protocol of this M2 disk? Sata? NVME?

Which version of Corebook X is yours?



Which is the CPU of your model? Does your model have a small door to install the M2 on the bottom or need to remove all the backplate?

Core i3 no for change ssd need remove all the backplate

wow sorry ))) there is a window for replacing the disk without having to remove the cover completely

which is the CPU version of your model? ir 7th gen, 8th or 10th?

Intel Core i3 10110U 10 gen )

Hey do you help me or what ((( I am waiting

i am try ALL driver )) and all version for Intel rapid )))

Hello Chuwiuser111

First, this is a collaborative forum, not a customer service support. Users share knowledge and try to help each other when they can.

Your model is the 2022 model with Core i3 10th gen. I couldnt find anywhere in the specs if second slot only accepts SATA or also NVME. Some of the models of Corebook X can handle NVME protocol in the second slot and others not.

In theory, no driver is needed since disk should be identified in the BIOS already.

First go into BIOS setup (I believe clicking DEL after turning on the notebook), and check if second disk is even identified in the BIOS.

If so, It may be the case of activating it in Windows after.

Sometimes, disk is not shown as a storage yet because it-s not well formatted and/or not active in Windows.

Create and format a hard disk partition - Microsoft Support

You can open Disk Management to see if second disk is listed and inactive or not.

If disk is not even identified in BIOS, then it may be something deacivated at BIOS setup level or the M2 disk you have is not compatible. (Even if it’s called M2, there are different types).

If none of this solve your issue, I hope someone else in the forum that has same model can help you.

Also, you may try check following post.

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Yes. The drive is determined all right with it. The labels are all on it. The whole internet is looking for a solution and no one has it. Where is the support for this laptop manufacturer?)