Corebook X 2022 and NVME SSD

Hello all!

Corebook X 2022 came with SATA SSD in single M.2 slot (1 TB Netac in my case). Does anybody know - will it support NVMe SSD or motherboard doesn’t support it? May be anybody try to do this upgrade?

I just installed 2 NVME SSDs in 2 newly purchased Corebook X, and they work perfectly.
In the first Corebook I installed a 1TB Reletech P400 and in the other unit a 2Tb Reletech P400 Q. Both work perfectly.


Many thanks for info!

On a general note, if there’s NVMe support, you should see an empty PCI-E port:

  • Win-X, to start Device Manager
  • ViewDevices by connection
  • ACPI x64-based PCMicrosoft ACPI-Compliant SystemPCI Express Root ComplexIntel PCI Express Root Port #13 - 9DB4

On CoreBook 2021 there’s only this one for M.2 NVMe and one more (#8) for the (non-removable) Wi-Fi card.