Corebook x without extra ssd slot

I just received a corebook x that does not have the ssd door on the bottom. I removed the bottom and I only see one ssd inside. Where is the slot for the second nvme ssd. I have asked the supplier and got no response. Please post a pic of its location.

There are two versions of the laptop:

  1. i5-7267U, 16GB RAM, 2 x M. 2 ports;

  2. i5-8259U, 8GB RAM + 1 RAM slot, 1x M.2 port.

Probably you have the second version.

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I have the

  1. i5-8259U, 8GB RAM + 1 RAM slot, 1x M.2 port.

    But it only has the internal ssd … there is no slot for a second ssd… the description on Amazon says it has a second ssd slot… someone should modify that description because I am totally disappointed… I would have purchased a more expensive laptop with 2 ssd slots… I purchased two 1tb ssd in advance so I am stuck with an extra ssd which I must get a usb enclosure for… I will try to sell this laptop and purchase a laptop with 2 ssd inside… I can not return this one since I took the back off trying to find the second ssd slot

You are right. See the URL

In the URL above, CHUWI wrote that

1 x M.2 SSD Slot for expanding storage

At the same time,

ROM 512GB SSD (SATA3) / 1*M.2 PCIe NVMe slot for expansion up to 1TB

I believe the descriptions above definitely mislead people. Similar disguising descriptions are posted in Amazon in some contries.
In the case of Corebook, Corebook Xe disappeared suddenly and Coreboox X spec. changed witn no announcement. From the behaviors of CHUWI, I leard that this company is never trustworthy by anymeans.

I just visited to disable all notifications and I saw sad experience of users, so wrote this. Good luck all.

P.S. I saved pages in Amazon to wayback machine, so any modification by CHUWI is investigated in the future.