Can't upgrade ram on Corebook X

One year ago i bought a corebook x from chuwi website, with i5 and 8gb ram, because of my usage, i need to do a Ram upgrade, online i found that corebook x Ram can be upgraded, so i bought a single slot 8gb ddr4 2666mhz Ram, but after opened it the slot that normally would be free was already in use, and there wasn’t soldered ram on the mainboard

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Indeed there are some variations from Corebook X. Due to shortage on electronic components, I believe Chuwi has managed to do not add onboard memory in some models and add RAM directly on the only slot available.

It’s first time I see this kind of config on Corebook X. Usually we had soldered 8gb, 1 free slot and 1 M2 Slot. Or the 16GB version with two slots for SSD.

If i want to upgrade the ram to 16gb, does the mobochip support up to 16gb on the single slot ?

Amazing there’re so many variants of this laptop. I thought I researched them all before buying but haven’t seen anything like this.

Out of curiosity, does the serial # start with CBookXQ or JCorBX or maybe something else?

32GB works fine as well (on my CBookXQ).

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The serial start with JCorBX

Even the bottom cover is different to from other models, i have direct access to the nvme

As a matter of fact, I’ve also got this removable NVMe cover with the (refurbished) CBookXQ I bought last month. So all combinations really seem possible.

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I would say, backcover with NVME door was the one present in the version of 16gb soldered, no update option and two SSD slots. But it seems that was now used in a version that we expect to have 8gb soldered RAM and one free RAM slot.

This post may help new customers to know new “options” of internal assembly for this model.