RAM memory upgrade

Please advise how to add an extra 8G of RAM to the laptop. The bottom cover doesn’t have any slots and seems it needs to be taken off completely. And what is supported memory vendor/type for an upgrade

The frequency and size of memory must be the same, but the brand can be different.

And how to install it? I don’t see any cover for the memory slot on the bottom. Do I need to disassemble it completely? Is there a manual on how to install RAM?

There is nothing special in the disassembly of this laptop, just unscrew all the screws (do not forget the two screws under the feet). And just remove the back cover.

The laptop with i5-7267U must have ddr4 2133 installed, and laptop with i5-8259U probably has ddr4 2400 (or the same as i5-7267U). If necessary, you can see the frequency in the Task Manager.

Also, be careful after disassembling the laptop, even if the laptop is turned off, the board is partially powered, so do not drop anything electrically conductive on it.

Thank you for the reminder on the 2 screws under to rubber feet.

I was able to add 1 DDR4-2400 from Crucial to expand the memory to 16GB. I also swap out the NVMe for a 500GB WD Black as I wanted to install Ubuntu and also wanted to keep the original NVMe with Windows 10 until I am sure I’m going to stick to Ubuntu. So far everything is working as expected.

Do you need to apply a bit of violence to get the cover off ? I just tried to add an additional memory module, but gave up. It seems to “stick” on the right and left side somewhat halfway around the Page up / down-keys.

Does your corebook x have a slot for the second nvme ssd.

Nope, there’s only room for additional memory. I just successfully added a 8 GB 2400 mhz module to double the memory.
Do remove the cover with care! I accidently broke the cabling for the USB port, but managed to get it working with a little duct-tape and love.

Thanks for the response. I did add a 16gb 2400 ram to get 24gb total ram and a 1tb ssd. I can now close it up and enjoy my corebook x.