JCorB version (16GB on board) does it have 2 NVMe slots?

It is not clear to me if I can add a 2nd NVMe SSD, I have the latest Corebook X version.

Thank you

If you have last version with 8gen Processor, it has only one slot that is used for the SSD that came with the laptop.

Ok thank you, the product description is not very straightforward.

It seems CHUWI has upgraded onboard memory to 16gb, maintainted the memory slot so you can add extra 8gb or 16gb (not sure if processor supports 32gb total).

I guess the only way to know for sure is to open the case, the CPU supports up to 32GB

I believe then you may put a 16gb memory and get 32gb

I decided to have a look to the expansion slot, to my big surprise actually there is a NVMe PCIe SSD slot under the little lid (the one on the right with 2 screws). I just bought a new 1T NVMe SDD, this little Corebook beast is getting more and more interesting… :wink:

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This is great news. Nowhere in the page, they say nothing about the return of a second slot for expansion of disk as in the 7gen processor model.

Hey, when possible, take a picture and post here. Since this new 16GB solded model is kinda new, no images out there in the internet yet. At Least none I could find.

I’m also interested in a picture if you can take one

Hello, I’m not going to tear apart my Corebook for warranty reasons (there is a sticker on a screw recess). BTW I added the 1TB NVMe and it’s working very fine! Also installed MacOs Catalina with OpenCore, is like having a MacBookPro 15,2 model, everything is working fine also on this side!

Can you take an HWInfo64 report and attach it here at least?

Install the app, open the app, run it with the default setting and click that button.



Open backcover of your laptop will not cause lost of warranty since Chuwi itself says you may upgrade it.
If you have put 1TB ssd you already have opened it, no?

Do you confirm your model is 8th gen CPU?


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I don’t know if there is a free memory slot under the hood. Adding a NVMe was pretty straightforward, there is a little slot that u can open without touching the backplate. Yes, I have a JcorB unit, the latest one

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I’m sorry I just wiped Windows partition, I’m using 100% MacOS. But what do you want to know more? The specs are exactly the one on Chuwi website.

Hi, the fact is exactly that: we’d like to understand if we can increase the RAM even further to 32GB by seeing if the memory is 16gb soldered + upgrade on a free slot or 8gb soldered + 8gb on slot (which is populated from the factory). The program could tell us if the laptop is in single/dual channel mode which could hint to being one vs the other.

Hello all,

I believe the doubt we have is similar. On the 8GB 8gen CPU model, we were able to upgrade RAM by opening backplate, but only one SSD Slot is available.

It seems that on the new version, 8gen CPU with 16GB soldered, there is again the door for adding new SSD without removing backplate, similar to the old version of laptop with 7gen CPU.

Our main doubt and curiosity is if in the new 16GB soldered model, we are able to upgrade both RAM and CPU. So far I remember old 7gen model didnt have slot for adding more RAM.

I-ve searched all over internet to find someone that had shared pictures of inside this new model but didnt find.

This is from BIOS…

I would say this is good news. By BIOS info, it indicates we have a slot for upgrade memory, which means you may elevate your laptop until 32GB by adding a 16gb memory on free slot.

I’d say the same. Having dual channel memory should also increase memory performance