Corebook 14 X nvme problem

I have bought this notebook but in M2 slot norhing work, I have tested two type of SSD and won’t boot are there wich type work? No technical or manual info about this:


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Bro i have the Corebook X, and now it has a slow performance. the support is … Can you help me. And because your nvme problem. Have you updaded to the newest windows version? have you setup the nvme in the bios? btw you are using a false non compatible nvme

Hello, I bought a WD Blue SN550 500 GB NVMe SSD as second SSD. No need to change anything in the BIOS. It works fine - four times faster then the preinstalled one.

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Thanks for sharing, I will buy one the same

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Are you working with the internal one? are there any sort of problems working with both of them? @DerChecker

I’m using both of them simultaneously. There are no problems. The pre-installed SSD is the system drive and the second SSD is volume D:.

Some people says there are problems after installing NVMe for the second SSD !!?

but relying on what you are saying I can get another NVMe one (plug&play) and keep the system installed on the pre-installed and all goes fine, right?

You can keep the pre-installed SSD as boot drive. It’s a W800S (Transcend?) and uses the SATA interface. My second SSD is a WD Blue SN550 and uses the NVMe interface. So far no problems occurred.

W800S isn`t Trascend, but please post your Bios photo of :
1 SATA configuration
2 NVMe configuration
3 Boot

Thanks and regards

Here you are… #1

Here you are… #2

Here you are… #3

I have added SN550 nvme as second ssd.
It runs in the pcie3.0x2 channel,which means the speed is only 1300~1400MB/s,while the normal (pcie3.0 x4) is up to 3000MB/s

Boot is ok. In fact,I have installed Mac os big sur in NVME ssd and Windows 10 in SATA ssd。
Boot device is NVME ssd by opencore0.6.4,you can also boot win from SATA,everything is OK


Can you upload a photo of how is the connection (interface) that this disk uses please? Is it compatible with a Nvme PCIe 3.0 x 4 ssd disk? (PCI express) or only Sata 3.0???

the sockets are M.2. with M key

AIDA64 tell me that sn550 NVME runs in PCIe2.0 x 4 which equals PCIe3.0 x 2(only 1300-1400MB/s)
I try to reinstall my NVME ssd to another sockets(the internal one) and can not boot the os,also see no NVME ssd in BIOS…
So,this laptop can support 2 disks, both SATA or 1 SATA+1 NVME with PCIe 3.0 x 2(PCIe2.0 x 4)