Changing the Larkbox X fan

I want to change the Larkbox X fan because is too noisy, specially if you adjust the TDP in the BIOS configuration to 35W. Do you think any brushless fan from a laptop would function? I mean, the size is almost standard. You just need to make sure that the screws holes are in the same place.

I would like to know what do you think and if anyone has already make this changement so maybe you could recommend some laptop fans

No experience about it, but i was thinking the same.
Maibe it should be useful to peel off the plastic to expose the heatpipes

This fan is not problem of noise, I think. The main problem - there is no access to control the speed of fan, maybe Chuwi should the patch bios and add the fan settings in bios menu.

I haven’t do it yet, but I’m gonna try peeling it off and changing the fan. I just need to find the right one because of the screw holes

So, I opened the Larkbox one more time just to see if one of my old laptop fans could replace this one, but they’re normally smaller and couldn’t fit into the screw holes.

At the end, I just removed all the stickers in there and changed the thermal paste. I cleaned it up all and left the TDP in 25W. And right now it’s working more quiet than before.

I don’t know if the noise problem was the stickers, the dust or the thermal paste quality but I feel more comfortable now.

Definitely noisy fan it was due to the dust.

@HectorCardenas: You lowered the TDP from 35 to 25, maybe it’s that.
@atmelc: if you take a look at the pictures, there was no dust to make the fan noisy.

I’ve tried rising the TDP to 35 but it just gets hotter and the fan noiser :confused:

Also, after using the Larkbox for the last 2 days, I realize the noise is still there, so maybe is just the fan motor

As I said, the problem is in the fan settings, my mac mini 2014 has the same fan, if we talk about noise. But the mac mini runs at a low fan speed at 60-80C CPU temperatures, it has Apple’s default fan settings, and the mac mini is a silent machine, but gets louder as the temperature rises higher 90C. Larkbox X provides maximum speed after 60°C. If chuwi changes the fan settings in the system bios or gives us access to the fan settings, it might help more than replacing the fan. I think other fans will give the same result. Because the fan settings are not changed.

And the 35TDP mode works like the 50TDP mode, if trust information which I gained from AIDA64.
And when you choose 45 or 54TDP - nothing changed.
Only 25TDP has the limit, other modes strive to reach the maximum.
This maximum
Other modes seem to work with XFR enabled, maybe, this is AMD technology of boost Ryzen frequence. It looks like I seen on the R5 3600 desktop processor.
That would then explain the high temperatures in other TDP modes.