Fan behaviour fixed

Should I buy the Larkbox? Has the fan noise/behaviour been fixed in later versions?

Does the bios have smart fan settings?

No, and they(Chuwi) will never “fix” it. I put “fix” because Chuwi does not consider the behaviour of the fan broken, therefore in the need of a fix.

The only fix is for you to do it, for example buy an USB potentiometer, plug it into one USB and also buy an 5V USB Fan and plug it into that USB potentiometer. There you can adjust as you like it.
This is what I’ve done with the Herobox who only has a pasive cooling who is not enough, so I drilled an array of holes into its upper case over which I put a USB fan as described. Now the unit is chill(around 35-40 degress Celsius) and is completely silent, even in te quiet of the night.