Larkbox - Fan stopped


Had a Larkbox for couple of week, fan had been running regularly and had similar issues to others with Fan starting/stopping too often. This week however fan has stopped dead, it’s nice and quiet now but overheats and causes Windows to freeze.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to solve or work around. Might give the OS reload.

Try this:
Set bios as default.


Thanks for the suggestion of resetting the BIOS.

I’ve already tried this, but tested again with the same results - still not fan :frowning: . No changes were made to the system so I think that the fan has failed. Need to see how else I can keep the unit cool or maybe I’ll have some luck with Chuwi. The forum suggests that it’s unlikely Chuwi will even respond to my emails.

The link you provided we an a Windows 10 media creation tool video from 2018 and I’m unsure that will help with a current version of Windows 10.

Hi @Johnny, I’m sorry to hear that your LarkBox fan stopped working…I guess the fan may have to be replaced.

Mine has the same fan behavior as yours; starting/stopping too often.

I am expecting to have the same problem as yours sooner or later because I keep the fan running all the time…please refer to my post at “Larkbox fan noise and temperatures.”

Since I don’t think I can get a replacement fan from CHUWI when my fan dies, my future plan is to cut open a big hole and put a 5cm fan on top. I need to be careful with the Wi-Fi antenna, though.

We can get 5-Volt power from the USB port using a USB cable (need a little modification). If 5-Volt is not enough, I will use a 9-Volt trickle charger to run the fan. ★9-Volt feed to the 5cm fan is quieter than the original fan noise :astonished: :smile:


Thank you for the suggestion and sorry to hear that your LarkBox might be going the same way as mine. It might be possible to cool the CPU from the top of the case with a 5v fan similar to this -

Do you know if it’s possible to disassemble to reach the current fan to use the existing wiring and remove the failed fan? Others have mentioned that fan has to be connected to post/boot so I’d like to see what is possible in replacing / upgrading the integral fan.

Failing this a 5v fan fixed to the top (as you suggested) with a USB to fan 3pin could be a suitable work around.

I’ve emailed Chuwi again to update them on my issue but have yet to get a reply to my first email 2 weeks ago.

I’ll watch the updates on the other thread in case you or another owner of a LarkBox has any success on an alternative cooling solution.

Good luck!!

Hi @Johnny,

"Noctua NF-A4X10"seems an excellent fan…too bad it’s not black :man_shrugging:

Yes, it’s possible to disassemble and remove the current fan, however using the existing wiring is not recommended because it’s 12-Volt. It’s for the originally designed fan and would make Noctua NF-A4X10 to shriek :scream:

I am not 100% certain as I’m not a PC expert, but I think connecting the two fan wires together should boot up the machine. ★ Can someone comment on this? ★

Watch this video for disassembling LarkBox. You will learn a lot. I disassembled mine after watching this:

A combination of a 40x40mm Peltier Element with a 40x40mm Heat Sink could be an interesting alternative though, I don’t know how to supply enough current for the Peltier Cooler yet :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Thank you @ISOKEN for the teardown link, this is very useful but also confirmed my thoughts that a straight swap out of fans is not possible :man_facepalming:. Noctua do a 12v fan but I’m going to give a 5v with the included USB convertor a try so that at least I can attempt to cool my LarkBox and use it.

Please let me know how you get on with the Peltier Element if you try this. I’ll will continue to see what heatsink/fan/thermalpad combination I can get to keep my box operational :man_shrugging:

Stripped the unit down to check the failed fan, refitted but same issue so must be dead :cry:.

My temporary workaround arrived and it’s cooling the cpu just fine (yes that’s blue tack!), not seen it go above 63c :blush:. The fan is on all the time but only 30db which is quieter than the original fan. Might spray the fan black and glue the fan to the top but hoping to find a more permanent solution.

Glad to know that you have succeeded to revive your LarkBox :smile: :+1:

Never mind the color of the fan…I think it looks kinda Cute :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :two_hearts:

Hello johnny , No way the fan must be replaced , and don’t wait Chuwi they don’t have a time for clients .