Chuwi aerobook Keyboard

I am face keyboard problem. and some time laptop turn off for keyboard issue.

I want to disconnected keyboard connection . when I open laptop back part. I see power button is connected by same keyboard wire. so when I disconnected keyboard wire…laptop power button not work.

what can I do now?

You need to find the line of the power button (2 pins) and cut it off from the other buttons.

Power button integrated in keyboard circuit layout. whole off them stays in one board. and one-wire connection. if i disconnect it… all keyboard and power button not work. so not understand how to disconnect the keyboard with active power button.

Okay… for example - this is keyboard’s Flat Flex Cable from lenovo
You can see 2 lines that separated from others - this is power button, you can cut it and connect only power button.
You need to find similar lines on your FFC.

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see this…not understand… which line is power button line

See this for a better solution to your problem.