Chuwi Aerobook Plus with 4k Pioneer BDR-XD07UHD External 4k Blu Ray Player Drive wont play 4k uhd blu ray discs on the laptop

I even paid $100 for Power DVD and it says:

“Ultra HD BLu Rays cannot currently be played on this computer. Please make sure your graphics processor (GPU) meets the system requirements for ultra-hd blu rays and update its drive to the latest version.” Error code 01003

Is there any way to get the UHD 4k Blu ray discs to work using my external blu ray player connected to the 4k display that the Aerobook plus has? Is 4k UHD the same as 4k?


Hi . here a English review where in halfway there is a talking about K4 can not be played proper as te older type GPU and other “oldies hardware” In it , quit a good total review from Tech Tablets