Chuwi Gemibook makes a high frequencies noise

Chuwi Gemibook makes a high frequencies noise. it doesn’t stop all the way through as long as it’s on. It makes my head hurt a lot. Depends on the brightness of the monitor. If the brightness of the monitor is removed to a minimum, the sound disappears. chuwi gemibook. Can someone tell me how to FIX the problem? Maybe some settings in the BIOS? Thank you in advance!

Can you provide a video of the breakdown?

Yes, of course. Please note - this is a new laptop. High-frequency sound from the first turn ON.


Hello, did you manage to watch the video?

Same problem. New laptop. The peep is annoying. Depends on the brightness value. Here is the video:
In Windows 10, at minimum brightness, it is almost inaudible if you only put your ear to the bottom of the case.
In Ubuntu it is not audible at minimum and at maximum brightness.
In the BIOS, it disappears when you select the brightness percentage in the GOP - 255% (moreover, it is set to 240), but after loading the operating system, a squeak occurs again.

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Thank You Very Much!!! At some point, I was so happy that thanks to your find, it turned out to remove this squeak!!! Unfortunately, this setting is not saved in the BIOS. And when rebooting, it is reset to the previous value. I probably did some stupid thing by moving the GOP Driver position to the Disable position, and Intel Graphics Pei Display Peim to the Enable position. And now when the laptop is loaded, nothing is displayed on the screen)))) I wanted to ask you for a photo of the last BIOS tab with hot function keys F… to reset the BIOS to default settings)))) Perhaps there is another way to enable the GOP driver and disable Intel. I would be very grateful for any information!!!

Turn off the laptop by long pressing the power on button, turn it on, and press esc several times at once. Then press f3, enter, f4, enter. This will reset the bios, and restart the laptop. The screen will work.

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Thank you Very Much!!! Everything worked out!!! It remains only to defeat the squeak))))