Chuwi Gemibook Pro 5100

Hello, the keyboard mouse pad and the sound no longer work, impossible to reinstall to find the drivers, can you help me please ? Here is my serial number :


Thank you.

I downloaded the drivers here :

If I don’t come back, it’s because it works !

It does not work, thanks for the help.

Hey there,
I had the same problem a few days ago. my touch pad was working but there wasnt any sound. I tried everything but didnt find the solution. Later tho i installed Driver Booster 9 and found the key on the internet to make it pro ( i know it is not fair) I scanned and it found the necessary driver. It was a huge relief. Please try downloading it and do not forget to make it pro to install everything and lemme know.

To get the sound, I had to update with Driver booster 9, then with Easy driver (which did not recognize the sound card before), then restart the computer, redo an update with Driver Booster 9, and a another with Easy driver, restart again, and everything works this time. Thanks for the help. :crazy_face:

@Michuwi i git the original gemibook windows software from the support watch on the newest posts or my profile. There is a post with The link to the files and how to do it correctly, because the tutorial fron Chuwi support is wrong!