Chuwi Gemibook Pro

Hi have just got this laptop seems really good but two things that I have found with it first it keeps saying " something went wrong" when trying to change from local account to Microsoft account, and secondly the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and have to reconnect from time to time any help with these please.

A mi me ocurre lo mismo con el WiFi y es un fastidio.

Same here with Microsoft online account and WiFi, any idea of what can it be?
Faulty device or software issue?

I tried to do a clean Windows 10 installation 2 times but it didn’t work

It’s known. It seems currently impossible to connect these devices with a microsoft account. Microsoft itself declared an hardware issue

Thank you very much @and

t’s a pity because the device is very good looking and build (with some cons), but I’m thinking about returning it and get my money back

These faults surprised me because my sister has a Chuwi Lapbook and she has been using for the last four years without problems with any function. It seems Chuwi is making the things worse…