Chuwi Hi 12 Pen Issues Windows 10 Version 2004 Build 19041.84

Chuwi Hi 12, Pen Issues, Windows 10 Version 1903 Build 18362.592

Hi folks, been a while!

I reinstalled to version 1803 from the russian (?) fellow (I apologize for forgetting your handle, sir) who frequented the forum a year or so ago and built update install environments for Chuwi Hi12 complete with drivers, etc. and lost pen capability. Well, here’s a laugh I had to re-install from the old thumb drive I kept with version 1803 on it and then update the other day and started playing with the pen and noticed that I could disassemble it and then caught sight of the tiny hole above the buttons. Well after reassembling I started playing around and found that I could hold the pen tip to the display and insert a pin and after three presses I suddenly had a cursor on the display again! Hole moley! I thought the pen was dead, dead, dead as I had tried replacing battery, etc., some time ago.(last year)

Anyhow, I’m guessing/it seems there might be three separate frequencies the pen runs on and they are selected by whacking that tiny button under the pen hole above the buttons. PS If anyone tries disassembly, put it back together and simply snap the plastic buttons back in from the outside last. (I nearly lost my mind trying to insert them first and put the board back in behind them before I realized they were flexible enough to snap in after reassembly! Grrrr! I hate forcing anything. )

My problem is the pen seems visible on the screen and cursor tracks it fine, but when I push the pen to select something in windows it seems to register/highlight, but the click is never actually processed by windows… Very weird. have I fallen into the rabbit hole, has something changed, is there a different driver I need or something or what? This is plain weird, I can’t even calibrate the pen, not that it seems off, because pen tip input never registers fully?

Any help or suggestions appreciated and my apologies to the gentleman who put together the installs as it apparently had nothing to do with his installs, I guess, but my pen battery must have died at the same time or something, and I was apparently not aware of the reset hole, or only tried it once thinking it was just a reset, not a frequency selection as I believe it may be now. Perhaps the intermediate upgrade to version 1903 on the way 2004 did something the other day? It’d be damned nice if Chuwi in their finite wisdom supplied some information about their accessories like the pen and the reset /frequency button, etc. Talk about stuff that should have been on a sheet in the box with the accessory!

Suggestions, conjecture appreciated! Would really like to get my pen working beyond merely being able to drag the cursor around the screen! :slight_smile: