Chuwi hi10 air show up as chuwi hi10 pro

Hi, i bought chuwi hi10 air for about a year ago and recently changed it to android via cross bios. But then when i want to change it back to the original. It shows that my chuwi hi10 air is recognized as chuwi hi10 pro and only 2 gb RAM usable. It should be 4 gb. Maybe anyone could help me on this. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

You need to flash the original bios. And it’s okay if the tablet detects as hi10pro.

I already have, using the cross bios makes me unable to use sound, camera,etc. but after flashing with the original bios now i can. But recognise it as hi10 pro and 2gb ram. The problem lies in the RAM tbh. i’ll flash it one more time just to be sure. Thanks for the reply.