Chuwi Hi10 Plus doesn't detect ANY mSD card

Recently I decided to buy a SanDisk 32GiB mSD card. I inserted it in my Chuwi Hi10 Plus (p1d6_c189b_hi10_plus) and despite it seems to be detected, it’s not showed in Windows nor Android. In Windows, if I go to “Devices administration”, a driver related to USB appears to be failing. I can’t check if same in Android. Anyway, I know that this issue is not related to Windows or Android, cause no one of them let me access to my brand new mSD, and I tested this card in my desktop Windows PC and in my Android smartphone, and both detect and read fine my mSD.

So, something is wrong with my tablet, despite I don’t use it too much and it only have one and a half years old.

What’s happening with mSD reader device?