Chuwi Hi10 plus gray screen

I have a Chuwi Hi10 plus CW 1527 tablet, I had to replace the touchscreen because it was broken. However, after the touchscreen change, my tablet does not turn on and the screen turns gray and there is no other reaction. But tablet is charging. When I first closed the case, I realized that I had misplaced the cover protecting of the integrated components. The cap may have short-circuited. Can I fix the problem by reinstalling the bios? I tried some suggestion in this forum but not solved. Thank you your help.

I think the problem is hardware and I don’t know software since you say that the tablet charges and it only happens that the screen, although turned on, does not present an image. You must check that the flex of the lcd screen is properly connected. To check that it is working you can connect the tablet to a television screen through an HDMI cable and an adapter

Thanks. First I’ll try with a micro HDMI cable.

I followed your suggestion exactly. The picture came to the TV from the tablet’s HDMI output. This way I figured out that the problem is probably in the flex cable that carries the tablet LCD’s signals. However, the lock on the connection socket of the Flex cable on the motherboard was not working, I supported it with a small piece of paper as shown in the picture and placed it. The image wonderfully came to the LCD. It’s working flawlessly now. Thanks to you, I got my tablet back.

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I am glad that my diagnosis has served you and you can enjoy your tablet again

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