Chuwi Hi10 Plus Motherboard

I have purchased CHUWI Hi10 Plus CWI527, 2 years ago. The tablet does not power on now, the maintenance company told me that the problem is caused by motherboard. when I contacted with Chuwi service with email, they responded as I can choose to send it to Spain for repair or to Hong Kong for repair but when I asked for adress they told me that they have no hi10plus motherboard in stock at present, If I insist on buying from Chuw, they have suggested me to buy on major online shopping platforms by Search Chuwi’s brand and hi10plus’s motherboard. what a shame for Chuwi’s aftersales. Anyone who can help me on this issue?

thank you

Hello, this model has been out of production for many years, so there are no official repair parts, thank you

“Many years” ?? I bought it 2 years ago, you have to supply spares at least for 2 years for your products. This answer is not acceptable. Please tell me the specification of motherboard.

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Hi friend.
Thats the way Chuwi keep clients.
I saw another post in this forum with the tablet opened picture. Maybe you can grab some useful information from there.