Hi10 Plus problem

Dear Chuwi management…

i’ve bought Chuwi Hi10 Plus Model CWI527 LQ64G42180304318 + keyboard + stylus pen ( all original ) in January 2019 , but from the beginning this tablet cant be turn ON…

i’ve been complain to the seller , i have asked to replace mine with the new one , but the seller run away. Then I have complain to Chuwi for several times but I dont get any respons .

The problem is that the product cant be turn on except push the volume and power button. Sometimes it can be turn on normally, but sometimes it cant.

But it cant turn on normally more often, untill i forget this thing for about a year and half.

And now I try to use it again but still it cant be turn on normally.

Try to push volume and power button, but it appear DNX fast boot mode, and stuck…

Ok, I have tried to find stock rom chuwi CWI527 Hi10 LQ64G42180304318, but I cant find it. Where should i get the link ?

and , As I describe above , which problem my Chuwi has, power on button or the stock rom ?

Please answer me and take action ,

Thank you…

I think your problem may be with the power button. Write to service@chuwi.com and try to get one. It is not difficult to change it.

Thank you @manonegra222

actually since the problem persist i have emailed them , but there is no response…
ok , i will try again for email to service@chuwi.com

Thanks Sir…

Hi ibrjane,

I have had a case very similar to yours with the same model but the time came when it did not even start. After carrying out the checks that manonegra222 very kindly suggested,
I also tried to contact service@chuwi.com but received no reply.

I let some time pass and I decided to open it, to my surprise I could see that the cover that acts as a heat sink for the graphic was not properly anchored, so I assumed that after its continued use during the pandemic it would have caused internal damage by Overheating, a slight intermittent sound is heard when turning it on as if it wanted to get power.

I have also tried to locate a spare part of the motherboard or technical service but I have not found anything, I saved it and I gave it up for lost, a shame the customer service of this brand so there will be no more future purchases.

Its disassembly is very simple, so you can try to open it without problems and check its status.