Chuwi hi10 pro need a new battery

Hello Everyone

I bought a chuwi hi10 pro in 2017 november, but a few months ago(i think early’s 2019) my tablet’s battery is dead and bloat out. Then, I cant open my tablet anyway. Where can buy a new battery to replacement it?

My tablet model :
CW1529 (Hi10 HQ64G42170909057)

My battery model in below

You can buy this one

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Write to to indicate where to buy it since they cannot send batteries because it is prohibited.
If you do not get a satisfactory answer, comment here and I will help you find the spare part.

Well, I just saw that you already have a link. Thank you @Biosham

Thank you both of you, I sent an email to services a few hours ago. I hope they can give me a good solution. I will inform you with reply from services

Unfortunately they dont give me a satisfactory answer.Can you recommend another seller, This seller sells this battery for 12$ but cheapest shipping price is 65$ . (I am in Turkey)

@manonegra222 @Biosham

I can’t find any cheap shipping for Turkey, you can search in online shops in your country “30124135 battery”