Reference and where to buy a new battery for Hi13?

Hello, I am always satisfied with my Hi13 but I feel that its autonomy decreases slowly.
I would like to know what is the battery reference and where can I buy a new one? I am used doing this type of operation with other models but I did a simple search on sites like Aliexpress or Ebay without success.
Is the 10000mA battery the same model as another chuwi tablet or laptop?

Write to There they will tell you how to get it

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I’ve received the answer from Chuwi
“According to customs regulations, we cannot send batteries separately”
Not very useful, I don’t understand why we can’t find battery part for this model.
I presume I’ll wait some months until the battery lose its capacity then open the Hi13 and maybe try to adapt a battery or buy another tablet to another company.
I’m a little bit disappointed, last year I had replace a battery on a Hi12 without any problem