Where to buy Hi10 X parts?

As I like to use my devices a bit longer than the average customer, I’d like to know, where to buy battery parts for the Hi10 X. Does Chuwi sell them or are there 3rd party suppliers?

I don’t mind 4 to 6 week shipping if I have to order directly from China. What I want to do is to purchase a second set of batteries in order to be able to replace them myself, when the original battery degrades. Don’t worry, I replaced batteries in countless phones, Ipads and other devices, so I know how to do this.

I already searched on Aliexpress, but only found batteries for other Chuwi products, but not the Hi10 X. So, anyone got an idea? Thanks for letting me know

You can ask aftersale@chuwi.com about spare parts or you can buy any 30124135 7.4v battery.

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So the batteries in the Hi10 X are generic ones? And any I buy fitting the part number you have mentioned would mechanically fit? That would be awesome, thanks.

The battery has 7 pins - 3 ground, 3 power and 1 thermal, so you can buy similar or just swap the controller.

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Thank you sooo much. That was super helpful:)