【Chuwi Hi10Plus】【BIOS】 I need BIOS 【Hi10 LQ64G42180102797】


I have Hi10Plus. Model: CW1527 SerialNo.LQ64G42180102797

My device can’t turn on. Screen is black.
So I flash BIOS (Chuwi Hi10 Plus(201702) Bios] I get from Chuwi Forum.

I use Rom writer. because My devices was black screen…

After flash rom, My devie can turn on. But No install eMMc… I can’t understand

So I can’t write OS image. So I returned BIOS… and Black Screen again.

Can I fix my machine?

Yestarday I was send message to service@chuwi.com but he does not back answer now.

Try to take this thread to solve your problem:


Thanks for your letter.

Next weekend, i will try thiese BIOS. and I will reporting.