CHUWI Hi10X - I2C HID Driver (code 10) after 2004 Update


I recently purchased the Hi10X and ran all updates including the Windows 10 - 2004 Update.

When It finished installing, the touch screen stopped working, After going to the driver management I saw that the I2C HID Driver had an orange warning triangle, When I clicked on properties it said that the device has a CODE 10 error. See below.

Can anyone assist?

While waiting for CHUWI official fix. I have a workaround.

  1. Download this chuwi hi10x driver:

  2. Extract the Goodixtouchdriver

  3. Right click the I2C and click update driver>>> browse my computer for driver>>> select my own driver >>> let me pick a list from available >>> Have disk >>> select the goodixtouchdriver folder >>> install till complete

  4. Use device manager >> HID>>> uninstall the goodixtouchdriver, remember to check the box as well to completely remove the driver.

  5. Right click the device manager top part >>> automatically install driver

  6. Your touchscreen should be able to work now including you h6/h3 stylus