Chuwi HI12 z8350 no power up (solved)

I have a Chuwi Hi12 that is dead and does not turn on. When I turned it on, a blue Windows screen appeared with a BIOS error, I turned off the table by pressing the power button and it never turned on again. When plugging in the charger the orange LED does not light up but it does charge ~0.5A. The battery has a 4v charge.

I have sent several emails to Chuwi support but I have no response, I need the correct bios for Chuwi Hi12 SN Q64G45170401725 to program the BIOS. Anything else I can try?

Did you install the Bios support sent you? I have checked and they answered you is this link

bios link:

With this BIOS and flashing several times it has come back to life, now it works fine. Thanks for the help and the BIOS file

Im glad to hear that.