Chuwi HI12 Z8350 Dual Boot Bios Files

Hello, I bricked my tablet because I update the bios with wrong firmware.

Actually I need the bios for chuwi hi12 z8350 cpu, dual boot version.

The bios files for z8300 cpu not solve this problem.

Can help me?

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Please tell me the serial number

Good morning

Chuwi Hi12
Quadcore Z8350 - Dual Boot

HI12 Q64G45170403522

Can you help me?

Thanks for yor help.

You have de latest Windows and Android for this version of the tablet?

Chuwi Hi12
Quadcore Z8350 - Dual Boot

HI12 Q64G45170403522

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Nope,we don’t have the latest one right now.

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I flashed de bios with files on this link: [ ] and the tablet wake up.

After i flash de Android OS with files posted in this link:

Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Android Z8350: …

The Android starts but whitout touchscreen.

Finaly i prepare one pen USB with files posted in this link:

Windows:(for Q64G45170400XXX)
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

I tried start the tablet for usb drive / pen and a blue screen apears and the tablet turn off and not turn on anymore.


Who is wrong?


Hello, I have the same problem but I do not have the same serial number!
my serial number is HI12 Q64G45161102678

Thanks for your help !

Hi looking dualboot bios for SDHi12Q64G45171103202


Hi! I need P02BD6_HI-122LP_201711071519.238 bios.
Please help me…

hola me podria pasar la actualizacion de bios de chuwi hi12 q64g45170700763 desde ya muchas gracias

hello could I pass the chuwi hi12 bios update q64g45170700763 from already thank you very much

Hallo, this is my first time in forum. I have Hi12 serial Hi12 Q64G45161100825. Problem is not starting android, win10 after long reset starting. What can I do? Is android oreo or 9 without win10 for this Hi12. Help me please !!!

Sorry for the late reply, as you know, China is fighting the epidemic.I just got back to work today.You can describe your problem to understand that the reply may be later than usual during the special period.

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Hi all,

Can you please share with me the BIOS file for the Q64G45171002849?

I wonder how do i isntall the BIOS when tablet doesnt turn on.


You should write to for bios

Hi all,

This is the answer from support:

Sorry to answer you late .
I asked our colleague , The mainboard of your tablet should be defective .
You need to change the mainboard .
But the problem is that we don’t have the mainboard of this model . And the repair fees will be very expensive .

So we think we had better to buy a new tablet .

Sincerely ."

Can someone provide me the bios file i will buy the flash chip and its programmer to save my tablet?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, I got my Chuwi Hi12 bricked when using it until 0% battery.
Can you help me @Management ith the bios file for Q64G45171002374?

Chuwi Hi12, Model CWI520 (with HiPen H3)
Dual Boot Windows + Android

Tried this one

but it doesn’t work.

Thank you :smiley: