CHUWI Hi8 Pro Tablet -

I wanted to give my CHUWI Hi8 Pro Tablet to my daughter. So, I removed my Windows Picture Password and entered my daughter’s email address, her name etc. But before giving a new Windows password I restarted the Tab by mistake. Now it is asking for a password. I tried all my passwords and nothing is working. When I purchased this Tab, it had both Windows 10 and Android. After I purchased the Tab, I used the software given by CHUWI, and removed Android and installed only Windows 10.
Now, after this problem came, as soon as the Tab is switched on, the interface to select between Android and Windows appears. Whatever I do, this interface comes after the Tab is switched on.

I want to reset Windows 10 but it is not possible. Reset option is not available. It is not possible to flash Windows 10 from the CHUWI’s software. The Android/Windows interface appears.

Can you tell me what to do please.