Chuwi Hi8 USB port info

Hi, I have a very old Hi8 model, it still works perfectly. My question is, what’s the type or size of the USB port in the middle? I was hoping I can use that port to power the tablet, while using the Type C port for regular work. Any info would be appreciated. Or link on how/where to get that cable. My regular android size usb would not fit. Thank you.!


Maybe I’m wrong, but it should be a regular micro-usb, and if you can’t connect the cable, then the port may be broken. :thinking:
This port is usually used for otg.

Ohhhh, just found that it’s Hi8 pro, so it’s must be micro-hdmi :smile: :grin:

Thanks for the reply. It’s a tad narrower than the regular micro-usb. I chipped the plastic on both sides to use a regular micro-usb but still would not fit. I’m hoping maybe Chuwi has its own connector for this port.

I see, thanks for the tip! I’ll try a micro-hdmi. :slight_smile: Quick google and I think it’s a micro-hdmi.

But if it is, if I use a micro-hdmi to usb adaptor, will it power on the tablet?

I am not sure that Chuwi realized this option.