CHUWI HiPad: Wi-Fi Bug

Hello. I bought a CHUWI HiPad Air 10.3inch | Android 11 | LPDDR4 4GB |128G eMMC and I am quite satisfied, however I detected an error that is not normal. The wifi connection, even after connecting to a network for the first time, never automatically connects to that same network. That is, I have to go to the wifi settings and select the wifi network each time I want to connect the network. Even on inferior devices, I’ve never had such an error. That is, after connecting to a network for the first time (entering the password), in the following times it is enough to activate the wi-fi through the shortcut in the sliding menu and the wi-fi automatically turns on. But on this tablet it doesn’t. In the Wi-Fi settings I have already activated the option “automatic reactivation of the connection” which requires having the location activated. But it still doesn’t turn on automatically. This error has been present since I bought and started using this device. And there are currently no system updates available. Anyone having the same problem? Solutions? I have already sent an email to CHUWI support. Thank you all.