Chuwi mini-book for work as software engineer

Hi, i want to buy the chuwi-minibook with 16gb of ram but with this pc i can work?? Im a software engineer, so i work with visual code, visual studio, git, remote desktop, virtual box for Linux… So with this pc i can do all this things?? And how much monitors can i use with this pc?? Thanks so much, i await for your answers

I works,But may have battery indicator issue.
If you use it with plugged all day long, It may not be a problem.

U can use with one monitor? I haven’t tried dual monitors.

So i can use virtual box and things like visual Code??
Have you tried It?
And how is the performance when using several programs at the same time?

So i can use virtual box and things like visual Code??
Have you tried It?
And how is the performance when using several programs at the same time?

I don’t use Linux because I’m a regular user, but I sometimes use visual studios or Photoshop. But when running this program, minibooks are very difficult. I think I need to buy a high-performance laptop to do what I want to do. My minibook specification is M3 Core, 16GB RAM.

But is dificult for the screen or is dificult because the chuwi mini-book is slow? I mean, i can use It with another monitor but i dont know if the computer Will be slow.

Please understand that this is a conversation using a translator. Computers become very slow. It’s very hard to handle with the specifications of the minibook.

But It has 16gb of RAM and 512Gb of SSD so It should go fast no?

Consider that the CPU’s specifications are quite low.

But It isnt a Intel of 8 generation with 3,4Ghz?

Its no full i3 processor and not big laptop. You must to understand the concept. This minibook is quicked and powerfully for his size. If U want to use 2 external display you need the adapter for it. You questions like can i move stones on bicycle. Yes, you can. But only small sized :wink:

As a hardware engineer I have to work with software too. I can not reccomend to use the Minibook for coding and work purposes. My workstationlaptop has a six core XEON cpu with 32 GB of ram, and I’m using it. Using the Minibook for coding won’t do you any good; compiling will take ages and the keyboard is just not made to work that efficient.

Although I truly love the Minibook for personal use, and although Itruly dislike a 15" 3 kilogram laptop; I’m happy I can use my big and heavy workstationlaptop for work related tasks…

Hi thanks for answer, i develop only apps in JavaScript html CSS PHP and .net apart from this i use virtual box, so i dont work with heavy programs, i use visual Code and visual studio, with this programs do you recommend me the minibook?

Still Iwould not reccomend it :stuck_out_tongue: The minibook is very small, but also not that powerfull. Even the M3-8100Y is not that powerfull, and is similar to any netbook cpu.

To put thing into pespective, see the link below where I compare the 8100Y with four oher chips:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600. A modern low power midrange laptop cpu. It is 2.5 times faster than the 8100Y
  • Intel Core i5-2500K. A mid range desktop CPU of TEN YEARS old. It is 30% faster then the 8100Y
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600. A modern mid range desktop CPU. it’s six times faster than the 8100Y
  • Intel Core i9-10940X. A modern high end desktop chip, used in a proper workstation. It it ten times faster than the 8100Y.

Because the lack of power of the 8100Y I would not reccomend it for profffesional use.

I think you can coding on minibook without any troubles. Only one question - Virtual box.
I think it isn’t good idea to use minibook for virtualization. But you can try.

You can buy this