Dual channel ram

Hello people

So i saw that ram is soldered in gpu minibook, but i on hwmonitor i saw that the motherboard supports dual channel mode and it makes sense considering that chuwi minibook 16 gb ram runs in dual channel mode and i believe has the same motherboard as the 8 gb version .Now unfortunately, unlike the entry level n4100 version and the 16 gb version, the 8 gb version core m3 operates at only single channel mode, and this was a pretty low move from Chuwi, given that dual channel ram gives way better performance, especially in lowend intel igpus, and especially in gaming.I don’t want to disassembly my pc as i don’t want to ruin anything but was wondering if there is additional slot to put another 8 gb ram into and if that would work so i can make it do by a specialist.