Questions: SPECIFICATIONS confusion, CRITICAL reviews

Hi, everyone,

I am considering a purchase of this promising, nice toy, but have come around somewhat confusing infos:

  1. SPECs vary on different websites:
  • Chuwi Official

  • [Amazon DE]

  • [AliExpress Official]

  • [AliExpress EU]

  • [AliExpress RU]

One says 512 GB SSD upgradable, other promises even 2 TB, but then someone in the forum says “no upgrade possible”.

Basic description mentions 8 GB RAM, but scrolling down the specs shows 4 GB only.

So, how is it?

Btw., is the 8 GB RAM DUAL-CHANNEL (2x 4 GB), or is it on a single module?

  1. How about the criticism found in some reviews (see, e.g., [YouTube], regarding, e.g.:
  • Faulty Backspace (not reacting in the corners),
  • USB-C not accepting/providing charging,
  • Blocked BIOS (is switching primary boot drive to USB - for installing a different OS possible?),
  • Noisy PSU…?

Btw., isn’t the chiclet keyboard noisy?

THANKS in advance to everyone!

Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post. :grinning:

Lapbook has 2 modifications : 4gb ram+64gb emmc+empty m.2 and 8gb ram+m.2 ssd+empty emmc.
Modification with 8gb ram works in dual channel, not sure about 4gb.
Officially laptop supports 512gb ssd, but some ssd higher than 512 can be detected.

it’s depending on your luck.

You can choose boot device but can’t change fixed boot order.

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THANK YOU for your answers and the info!

Well, so the 8/256 version should be significantly faster - that’s good news. One-time USB-boot is just fine for installation - so another good news. :+1:

Btw., isn’t the chiclet keyboard unstable, and noisy? How about the laminated display - doesn’t the glass detach, over time?

THANKS again.

It seems to me that the keyboard on a laptop is ordinary, as on most inexpensive laptops. I did not find any information about the display, but I know that the laptop’s hinges may break over time.

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Ouch, that isn’t looking nice.

How did that happen? Drop/fall/crash, or just a MATERIAL FATIGUE?

It seems like the bottom panel fell off.

Weak plastic, breaks off during normal use.

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It seems to be a warranty case and is repaired for free. But I’m not sure.

“Full-metal body” with PLASTIC crucial (the most loaded) JOINTS? Hm…

Who actually manufactures this? Chuwi does not seem to have own factories.

You can fix this with resin. Acers used to have same issue.
Ive had fixed alot of hinges during my internship days.
But it’s better to get it replaced under warranty.