Lapbook Pro 256GB/8GB - any way to uprgade?

Hello, i am getting my ultrabook soon and i was wondering what kind of uprgade is possibile? From what i have gathered:

  1. RAM is not possible to uprgade due to CPU limits
  2. SSD is uprgadable but only up to 512GB and only SATA works, as NVMe disks are not detected.
    Anyone willing to confirm/disabuse please?

It’s all right, all your statements are correct

Will disk of capacity higher than 512GB be usuable? Like some sort of RAM higher than 4GB in 32bit OS where only 3.25GB is accessiable?

bump? up?

facendo aggiornamenti sarà possibile leggere ssd nvme 1TB?

I don’t know, I think he will read 1TB SSD but, better ask at

My 1TB SATA SSD is being recognized.

Any SSD size should work. There is no reason I can think of why not. I have only heard of a 2.2TB (MBR partition table) size limit for a legacy BIOS (non-UEFI).

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