2020 Lapbook Pro SSD upgrade

Hello all, From viewing this forum and several online reviews, am I correct in believing that there are two versions of the Chuwi Lapbook Pro?
Pre-2020 has 4GB RAM, 64GB of eMMC storage and an empty M.2 SATA SSD slot bay.
2020 onwards has 8GB RAM, no eMMC and a 256GB M.2 SSD factory fitted in a slot bay.

I have a 2020 8GB Chuwi Lapbook Pro, but the previous owner has removed the SSD to retain personal data!
In this later model, is the SSD specification M.2 SATA or M.2 NVMe PCIe? There are several conflicting statements concerning this subject. I have already attempted fitting two separate formatted M.2 SATA SSD’s of 256GB and 500GB and neither are detected in bios. Both also get extremely hot. I installed them into the bay with the label and components facing towards the open bay I.e. outwards. I read somebody recommended installing with the SATA SSD with label & components facing inwards, however this will crush the SSD components because the bay is too shallow.
I believe the later 2020 model actually uses the NVMe because the socket has the notch on the right hand side. Is this correct?
Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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A quick update -
This evening I tried to install my 256GB SATA M.2 SSD ‘inverted’ (label & component) facing downwards into the SSD bay and it has been detected in BIOS. I’ve installed Win 10 and everything works fine!
So why has Chuwi decided to fit the SSD socket inverted compared to all the other laptops available with an SSD option? Very odd.

I would still prefer to have the 500GB SSD in there, but I’m sure it’s components mounted near to the interface prevented the card from being positioned flat.

So I’ve answered my question, the later 2020 model Chuwi Lapbook Pro does take an M.2 SATA SSD, but it must be installed with the label and components facing down into the computer. Just ensure your chosen SSD does not become damaged as a result of the component height (my 500GB shown below).

Hey man! While I’m not an expert, I believe you’re absolutely right! There are indeed two different versions of the Chuwi Lapbook Pro. I used to own one a couple of years ago, and while I was quite happy with it, I encountered some significant issues towards the end. After years of perfect service, I just couldn’t switch it on one day. Luckily for me, I was at least able to recover all the data. Otherwise, it would be an absolute disaster, as I had a huge amount of important work-related information stored on the laptop. Anyway, enjoy it while it lasts! Cheers.